A ‘Winkle’ in Time

SavvyMom April 28, 2016
Periwinkle Wrinkle in Time

Gifts should be special, not uninspired.

As time-pressed mothers continually in search of great gifts for friends, family and the occasional item for ourselves, we sometimes have to sacrifice our precious time to shop…for the sake of saving time, of course.

Good gift giving made easy, then? We found it for you at Periwinkle, which recently opened its second location on Eglinton Ave, just west of Avenue Road. The first store is on Bloor West and we love the concept—it’s a designer co-op. Local designers and artisans ‘rent’ space in the form of a shelf, a table, or a single rack from owner and local design advocate Cindy Yong, allowing them the opportunity to have a retail presence in high-trafficked neighbourhoods at a fraction of the cost they would pay to rent their own store.

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