Back at the Branch


Good night moon, goodnight stars, now how about reading a new book about Mars? Or anything new, for that matter…
Looking to expand your repertoire but frustrated that buying new books feels wasteful in these economic and environmentally strained times? Check out one of our old standbys, the Toronto Public Library. Dust off your backpack, because it’s time to return to the land of your youth (we’re sure you spent a lot of time there in your academic days), but be warned—the TPL has changed a lot since then.

Before you stroll down to your local branch be sure to visit the library online first because there is so much more for you to learn—and for the kids to learn too!

Why do we love the library? Let us count the ways…

Remembering Dewey
Time to ditch the index cards—the cool kids these days look for books online first and if what you are looking for is not in your local branch it can be ordered and delivered there within a week for you to pick up at your convenience. Now that’s the kind of efficiency that would make Dewey proud—and the kind of service that makes moms smile.

Take Out More for Less
Did you know libraries lend out music CDs and movie DVDs? That’s right, Friday movie nights just got a whole lot cheaper at your house (with no nagging from the kids to buy the oversized treats at check out). Remember to order ahead of time and reserve—you might need to get that number one choice from another branch and it takes a few days. There are also e-books and audio books for kids and adults. These can be downloaded from the website onto your ipod or MP3 player without even going to the library!


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