Break-Out Breakfasts


Light traffic. Lineup-free Starbucks. Empty eateries. Life with kids can bring early morning benefits, like first crack at a great breakfast spot.
Celebrate the most important meal of the day (since you’re up anyway). Try something new, and nosh with the family at one of these kid-friendly locales.

Prepare yourself. The newly opened Uncle Betty’s Diner on Yonge St. north of Eglinton, greets you with a Greg’s Ice Cream display, and a Dressen donut machine (a Hampton classic made famous by Martha Stewart) that churns out fresh cinnamon and sugar donuts twice daily. If you can get the kids past these tantalizing treats, there will be plenty to whet their appetites.

During the week, the Breakfast Dog is a favourite (a Frank’s natural hot dog wrapped with egg and cheese), or the Homemade Granola Sundae. On weekends, their extended brunch menu includes morning favourites like pancakes (blueberry, buttermilk) and eggs benny—though their version is served on one of Uncle Betty’s delicious and fresh-made plain donuts. This uncle is one that’s worth a visit with the family. Open at 8 am from Monday to Sunday.

Leslieville families have made Lady Marmalade the go-to spot for weekend breakfasts (open at 8 am on Sundays). The small kids’ play area and chalkboard offers a few minutes to entertain the kids while you await a delicious breakfast that has an organic (as well as free-run egg) focus. You won’t find a specific kids’ list of food choices, but the ‘sides’ section of the menu offers small bites for little stomachs. Note that the restaurant only accepts cold hard cash, so park your plastic (debit cards included).

Beet it. If you’ve been searching for an organic kids menu to compliment your own all-natural nutrition focus, The Beet Organic Café in the Junction will cater to the whole family come breakfast time. It’s not every restaurant that offers (along with a full adult menu) organic baby purées, bite-sized tofu bits or a vegan grilled cheese with a glass of fresh carrot juice. The Beet’s (as the locals call it) relaxed vibe and friendly service will be a healthy start to your day—literally.


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