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Ask kids about food and you find some enlightening information. For example, pasta, pizza and ice cream are food groups (and apparently grow in the ground).
We know that teaching kids about what they eat should happen naturally as we prepare meals with and in front of them. But with busy lifestyles, our offspring are often the recipients of food on a plate versus being part of the process. Which is why we love Good Egg, an inviting and eclectic ‘culinary and kids’ store in the heart of Kensington market.

Owner Mika Bareket wants to help develop a generation of kids who love food, are knowledgeable about where it comes from, understand its place on our earth and the role food plays with our health. In keeping with that philosophy (and the culinary vibe of the store), every children’s book relates to food in some way. While the toys in their kids’ section are not exclusively gastro-centric, they are unique, fun, and guaranteed to please (we particularly like the Vilac line of toys from France).


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