Karma with Kid Care

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Some like it hot. Some play it cool. Whatever your pleasure, you can have it your way at Calgary’s Beltline yoga studio, where the kids are welcome, too.
With three studios housed on site, Tri-Yoga Calgary owners Melissa Smith and Tunde Olaosun recognized that parents with small children are an under-represented group of practitioners in the yoga world. (And really, who needs yoga more than a new mom?) Parents to a toddler themselves, they created an on-site childcare room adjacent to a beautifully adorned lobby with toys, mats and even a pint-sized private privy.

Childcare is provided by qualified volunteers (with First Aid and childcare experience) for $3 per child and must be booked a day in advance. There is no minimum age.

Childcare is included with a 6 or 12 month unlimited membership. If yoga is your thing, the annual pass really is the way to go. It’s competitively priced, includes discounts on workshops and registered programs, and of course, takes care of your babysitting as well. Drop-in classes cost $17 per class, or test out a Wednesday Karma class by donation.

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