A Day in the Bay

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

With lots of time still left in the summer, you might be looking for a day trip to get away—but not too far away.
Just less than one hour from Victoria is the sleepy village of Cowichan Bay, the perfect place for a day trip. Arrive on an empty stomach, because as well as being a great seaside village to explore, bike, hike, rent a kayak, whale watch or relax, this area is quickly becoming known for its gastronomic delights as the centre of the slow-food movement on Vancouver Island.

Head towards Duncan and follow the exit signs off the Island Highway to Cowichan Bay Village, then drive 10 minutes on a farmland road until you reach the village on the water. Walk the docks, see the local fisherman bringing in their catch, buy some dinner and let your kids try their luck at fishing off the docks (note: remember to bring your rods).

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