Cultural Mama


It’s a big cultural entity, our city, and every night there are interesting events happening throughout. Theatres are playing and musicians are performing everywhere. But when was the last time you actually went out and took advantage of the all the arts right at your doorstep?
As usual, we found just the thing for you to embrace some of that culture. It’s a play perfect for moms called Bear With Me, based on Diane Flacks’ novel of the same name and playing now at the Berkeley Street Theatre Upstairs until January 24. This one woman act, which was written and is performed by Diane, will have you laughing for the full 85 minutes of monologue about pregnancy, childbirth and bringing baby home. Diane delivers a truthful and vivid account of her own experiences in a light-hearted and funny (OK, hilarious) way which will resonate with most moms. She somehow finds the balance between the humour and challenges of motherhood while appreciating the beauty and mystery (she calls it anxiety) that comes with ‘bringing new life into the world’.


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