Cyber Sanity Savers


As moms, we often need to take matters into our own hands. Sometimes in doing so, a cottage industry is born (read: mom entrepreneur nominees).
In the spirit of supporting small mom businesses, and in a world where all we really want to do is cross things off the list, we’re bringing you three new online services from local moms (and a dad) that should help you take control of getting out of your house, the city, or a rut.

Once we master the art of feeding our children, we move onto obsessing about babysitters. That’s where SitSwap comes in—a site connecting Ontario moms looking for safe, reciprocal child-minding. If a friend watching your children appeals to you more than a 15 year-old or $15-an-hour caregiver, SitSwap may be your solution. The sign-up process mimics online dating sites: create a profile (there are free and pay-for-upgrade options), indicate what area of the city you live in, and then scroll through to find a like-minded mom (ideally with kids the same age as yours) who lives nearby. From there, you two are on your own to make a connection, meet, and when/if you’re ready, get to know one another in person. If it works out, you’ve made a new friend and found someone both you and the kids are happy with to look after them when a couple hours on your own is needed.


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