Dwarfing the Cold


If Snow White grew up and had a baby of her own, she’d know whom to ask if her baby came down with a cold.
“Hey, Doc,” she’d say, “my baby is all sneezy. What medicine can I give him?”

“Medicine?” Doc might reply. “Cold remedies make children dopey and are a no-no, dear Snow.”

“But he can’t breathe and it’s making him grumpy! And he can’t rest so I’m getting very sleepy.”

“Be happy, Snow,” Doc would say. “There are other ways to help your baby with his stuffy nose.”

Snow White must have known (even back then) that Health Canada recommends against using cold medicines for children under six. Which might leave you wondering how to help your kids (and yourselves) cope.

While there is no cure for the common cold, we have a few old tricks and some very savvy new tricks up our sleeve (and it’s not the one you wipe your nose with).


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