Signs of the Times


When a baby learns to wave “bye-bye”, it’s a developmental milestone that’s downright thrilling for a new parent. Just think about what’s happening in those tiny brains! Not only has the child learned to copy a hand motion, but it has also associated the motion with the act of someone leaving. It’s a connection, it’s communication, it’s…sign language.
Enter Signing Start, a local parent-and-tot class focused on American Sign Language and taught by Danielle Gaylord. It teaches toddlers to communicate through sign before talking begins, which can cut back on the frustration kids feel when they are ‘misunderstood’ (which in turn can cut back on temper tantrums).

ASL is a standard way of communicating for millions of deaf Canadians and Americans and is widely recognized around the world. Knowing ASL is a skill that will benefit children past infancy and is something they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.


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