Feeling Artsy


Now that we’re all filled up with love and passion from last weekend, we want to take a moment to admire all the moms who, in the midst of giving their time, love and energy to care for their kids, create avenues to discover what they are passionate about, too. In doing so, these creative moms help others at the same time, a gift all around.
Kate Carson is one such gifted mom. Kate had a dream to teach art in foreign lands and to inspire others to uncover their creative potential, so she lived and taught art to children and adults in Burma and Bali from 2004–2008.

Since 2009, Victorians have been fortunate enough to have her on the Island, where she has been teaching at Art Corner. Art Corner is a place where kids learn to express themselves in their own unique way and lose themselves in their projects. Kate’s philosophy is simple—help her students find creativity and inspiration in everything they do.


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