Eat, Lick, Love


AC alone won’t keep you cool. You need to beat the heat with a refreshing and delicious treat (because you deserve it, and so do the kids).
Whether your craving is for ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt or smoothies, chill out with a visit to one of these tried-and-true (and some new) Toronto spots.

The Mad Italian is an authentic Italian gelato shop that also serves wine, beer, liqueurs and daiquiris. (That’s as mad as the Italian who opened the place.) This newest gelato eatery on the Bayview strip is run by a family of second-generation gelato bar owners (the owner’s mother still makes the homemade biscotti they sell) and everything is made with ingredients imported from Italy. With lots of room for stroller parking, now you can have your ice cream and…a drink, too! Also in the area: Il Gelatiere Artigianale, 647 Mount Pleasant Ave.; Hollywood Gelato, 1640 Bayview Ave.

Despite its locale in one of Toronto’s toniest neighbourhoods, The Village Chill is essentially an unassuming walk-up ice-cream window that serves homemade ice cream and soft-serve yogurt. It also claims to be the home of Canada’s first version of Red Mango or Pinkberry—the New York-based soft-serve yogurt chains that have an obsessive following. The Village Chill’s version is called Mangosteen and while its tartness may be an acquired taste for some (try the Green Tea perhaps) their other ice cream and yogurt offerings will absolutely please. Also in the area:Dutch Dreams, 78 Vaughan Rd.


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