Fashion Forward


Signs of a true friend: she passes along her best babysitters, laughs off a red wine/white chair foul, and tells you the truth when you need to hear it. As in, you’re spending way too much on your clothes.
As Savvy friends, we’re sharing some insider secrets on where and how to get great deals on the things we all love—everything from haute designer wear to great stuff the kids won’t want to share.

First stop, try StyleDemocracy. The Toronto-based fashion marketer promotes and presents warehouse and sample sales in the city via their website and Facebook page. Working with brands like Puma, French Connection, Lacoste and Esprit, it connects you with fashion agencies that represent lines like Hunter, JBrand, and Velvet, to name a few. StyleDemocracy rewards you for signing up on their site with member benefits including early access to events (when the stock is best), contests, and often 10% off already-reduced sale prices. It’s also worth looking at their weekly deal program, which gives you further buying power at their warehouse sales. Who doesn’t love the democratic system?


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