Free To Be


Kids aren’t the only ones who get bored.
Finding affordable and family-friendly things to do indoors (but outside the home) are at a premium.

Come with us as we take you on a fabulous tour of free—or almost free—fun around the city and slightly beyond. It’ll be a (cost-effective) breath of fresh air for you and the kids, both literally and figuratively.

It’s not the whole ‘Night at the Museum’, but the ROM’s Half-Price Friday Nights from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm are pretty hot tickets. Kids aged 3 and under are free, ages 4 to 14 are $6 and adults are $9. The Bat Cave, the Hands-On Biodiversity area and the Discovery Gallery will hold great appeal for kids of all ages, along with thousands of other awe-inspiring wonders.

The kids might be surprised to find that you’re actually encouraging them to watch movies—but in this case, it’s educational, too. The National Film Board of Canada Mediatheque offers hands-on animation classes for kids (aged 3 to 13) and families. Some workshops are free, others cost on average $5 per participating child. Kids get to create their own claymation characters, then be a part of making a short claymation film. The movie is then emailed to you so your kids can watch their directorial debut over and over.


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