Getting to the Bottom of It


SavvyMoms love information, but sometimes we know there is just too much of it. Take food for example. Trying to get to the bottom of what is healthy for our families can be a daunting task.
The folks at Neilson Dairy understand this and have gone the extra mile to keep us moms informed and up to date on the benefits of DHA Omega-3, the fatty acid that supports the normal development of the brain! Together with, Neilson Dairy has developed the DHA Omega-3 Get Savvy Section outlining the benefits of this important nutrient. We also invited moms to ask questions about DHA Omega-3 and Neilson Dairy Oh!, fresh milk with DHA Omega-3 in every glass. Ask any mom what her number one priority is and the answer will sound something like “keeping everyone safe and healthy”. That’s why the Q & A section of the Neilson Dairy Oh! website is such a great resource.

And SavvyMoms are asking all kinds of good questions:

Are there any added hormones in Neilson Dairy Oh! milk? Do the cows receive additional hormones to produce more milk? And the answer is ‘no’. Neilson Dairy Oh!™ milk is naturally produced by Ontario dairy cows. The use of growth hormones in dairy cattle is not permitted in Canada.


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