Hockey Sock Heaven


Ever wonder why you never lose any hockey socks to sock heaven? Even the angels above don’t want them.
Well, hold onto your Tim Hortons’ cup because we have solutions to the dreaded hockey sock build-up and you’re going to like them.

Two local mom-run companies have taken tired, old hockey uniforms and recycled them into practical uses for both parents and kids. Think seat cushions, hats, pencil cases and arena bags. Yes, from that pile of old uniforms comes beauty and practicality all sewn together like magic.

Mutsumi Hasegawa and Lisa Cruikshanks started Sureman36 in September 2009 after a summer of sitting on cold arena benches. Two sore butts later, the Sureman Tush Cushion was born and all the parents on the team (and the opposing teams) were begging for one. It wasn’t long until skate guards, toques and ‘hockey stuff’ bags were made from that glorious acrylic fabric too. Throw cushions were made from old hockey and soccer jerseys, as well. Seriously, who knew?


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