It’s All About the Egg


For many of us, this weekend marks the beginning of the vernal chocolate festival (Hallowe’en of course being the autumnal one). Remember, chocolate is good for you so don’t feel guilty about the kids’ breakfast on Sunday morning.
We’re all excited to catch a glimpse of the Easter Bunny and enjoy some family time, so enjoy these fun things to do this weekend that we hunted down for you:

Getting Out
If the threat of snow flurries hasn’t scared you from getting out, head over to Colborne Lodge in High Park this Saturday or Sunday between noon and 4 p.m. where the kids will be able to go on a paper-based Easter egg hunt in the beautiful old restored cottage, noting the location of the hidden eggs on a map. They’ll be able to learn about 19th century Easter traditions and have a chance to colour their own eggs with natural dyes. We’ve been told there will be a bit of chocolate to enjoy too! Get there early (at least by 3 p.m. our Savvy Scouts say) to enjoy the fun. (Activities free with regular admission of $5.50 per adult and $3.50 per child.)

A little further afield (in an actual farmer’s field), we love Easterfest at Downey’s Farm (the savvy farm market fave year-round) on all weekend. See the baby farm animals and get a-hunting for that rabbit. With Easter egg painting, wagon rides, puppet shows and a good old Easter egg hunt, there’s fun for everyone (admission is $8). (But do dress warmly if you want to maximize your fun!)


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