Playing with Coffee


What everyone knows: kids need a place to play and moms need a place to drink coffee.
What everyone doesn’t know: while moms are watching the kids and drinking coffee, they are also connecting, learning and building communities for themselves and their kids.

It might sound like a run-of-the-mill play date to you, but this is at the very core of Tracey Ibrahim’s business plan. She’s the proud proprietor of just-opened Gingerbread Lane in Port Credit, which she describes as “a community of fun, learning and relaxation committed to families and the neighbourhoods we live in”. Like most mom entrepreneurs, she saw a need in the market for such a place after her first child Quincy was born two years ago. Simply put, she wants to make life easier and more fun for moms. And the ‘word of mom’ seems to be spreading like wildfire as moms from Bloor West to Brampton have been making the trek to enjoy the lovely, bright and clean playground since she opened.


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