Red and White All Over

SavvyMom January 12, 2017
best inexpensvie wines

Is it just us or has wine become a little more important in our lives since we entered into mommy-hood?
Phew. We’re glad we’re not alone! With this increase in consumption comes the need to find a fashionably affordable (or dare we say “good cheap”) wine.

And what better time to discover a new vintage than on February 14th when a bottle can be shared with a loved one. We’re sure that if you go to the trouble to actually research the wine, schlep to the store to buy it, and then bring it home, your efforts will be most appreciated. (And you should have no problem ordering in dinner!)

So in celebration of moms and Valentine’s Day, we asked Anne Martin to select a few wines to enjoy with your festivities and share her tasting notes with us. (Anne’s a very savvy mom btw—the founder of Anne Martin Wine Services and mom to Sam (age 2), she was one of the first female sommeliers in Toronto and was the head sommelier at Canoe Restaurant.) Anne’s picks are all reasonably priced (all under $15) and delicious too—very savvy selections for your cellar (or kitchen).

The Red
Rocca delle Macie “Vernaiolo” Chianti 2005, Italy
A lively and hearty Chianti with nice cherry fruit and good acidity for those nights of pizza and pasta. You don’t need to mortgage the Tuscan farmhouse to pay for this one. Invite some friends and family over…do the long Italian family lunch thing.
LCBO #269589 $13.95

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