Refined Recessionista


No matter how much or how little a woman has in her closet, there are still those days when we think I’ve got NOTHING to wear.
But the real dilemma we have is in finding the time and money to go and buy those clothes we think we need to put together the perfect outfits for work, the park, or dinner with the in-laws.

Wendy Woods of The Refinery can come to the rescue. She’s a certified image consultant with extensive fashion training, but what she’s really best at is helping real women find clothing and accessories that both enhance their personal style and are practical (our favourite savvy word) for their daily lives. Instead of marching you down to the stores to buy more clothes, Wendy offers a service called Shop Your Closet where she will come to your home (even during naptime) and work with you for up to two hours to understand your wardrobe and lifestyle needs. Then she’ll ‘shop your closet’ to pull together up to 30 new outfits from clothes you already have. She will also give you tips on how to make your old clothes and accessories feel like new again—it’s the ultimate in enviro-chic—and ideas for things to buy to fill gaps in your wardrobe so you don’t end up buying unneeded pieces.


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