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SavvyMom March 31, 2016

Nothing brings a family together like a good meal—at home or at a local resto. Inviting a two year old energizer bunny, however, can sometimes cause stress for mom. We hope that some of these handy items might help—but we can’t promise to keep them sitting down the entire meal…
Sitting Pretty
We’ve raved about the Boon Flair Chair before. We love how easy it is to clean, but we also love that the pedestal base, removable tray and adjustable height lets it push right up and become a seat at the table. (Available at for $249.99)

KaboostGetting Higher
If junior has graduated from sitting in the high chair already, then the mantra of “sit on your bottom, not on your knees” is probably often heard crossing your lips. Maybe the chair needs a lift instead of him—try giving him a boost so he can reach his food with KABOOST. It’s a nifty gizmo that snaps to the bottom of a chair to make it taller (not your child). As an added bonus, the chair becomes sturdier, preventing accidental tipping. (Available at for $49.95)

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