Thanking You


If you’re like us there are times you are surprised that ANYONE would take your child for the day—never mind every day—and teach her how to share, sit still (and listen if you’re lucky).
That someone clearly deserves a thank you, and a thoughtful one at that.

No pressure—we’ve got some ideas to help you present your teachers with the perfect gift that says both “Thank you” and “I put a lot of thought into this gift for you”.

If knowledge is the light of life, keep her light shining with one of our fave outdoor lanterns from Loblaws. Pick one up the next time you are buying groceries. They look good inside and out—and are less than $20. Fill it with a candle or a special homemade note from the star pupil.

Think green for the environmentalist educator—choose a plant that will grow in a pot or can be transplanted into the garden. Opt for a potted herb garden for the teacher who likes to cook. (Cut flowers are not recommended as they don’t last and are not popular with the eco-set due to the high levels of pesticides they often have.) Speak to someone at your local nursery for help with a plant that will last under any type of condition.


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