Mothers of Invention

Peaceful woman relaxing at home with cup of tea or coffee

I was invited to speak this week at the Open Dialogue Marketing to Moms conference on the topic of the rise of the mom entrepreneur—what is happening and what does it mean for today’s marketers. It was a great opportunity to share some case studies of some wonderful companies we have come across here at SavvyMom. My premise was that every mom’s an inventor (although not every mom may choose to be an entrepreneur) and so marketers can do well by viewing them in this light, listening to their ideas and supporting this ever-growing market space.
But enough about me …what I enjoyed more was the opportunity to learn from the other speakers. Among other great presentations, Michelle Davies from enlightened me on Web 2.0 as it relates to moms and encouraged us all to start the conversation with our communities, Mary Charleson talked about making the emotional connection with moms which was fascinating and Andrea Wojnicki from the Rotman School of Business shared her insights into harnessing the power of word of mouth or consumer-to-consumer communication when trying to reach the mom market.

What do you think is important about marketing to moms? We control the purse strings and we should all be aware of the influence we have in that way. How can marketers reach you better?


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