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The green life’s definitely not getting any simpler just yet…what with carbon credits, zero footprints and 100 mile diets to think about. Throw in eliminating parabens and understanding the local garbage tax and sleep becomes a luxury (as if it isn’t already).

But despite the complexity, we know that moms across the land are getting greener and greener—worried about what’s going into their kids and what’s going into the landfill too—so we tracked down a few green websites that provide eco-alternatives that are cool and convenient—and all run by inspirational mom entrepreneurs (frankly not to our surprise).

Just Like the Olden Days
Petrochemical-based plastic is bad enough, but toys today just don’t match our décor, let’s be honest. Natural Pod, founded by Bridgitte Alomes, mom of two, has brought together the most amazing collection of children’s toys made from wood, felt and other natural materials. Wooden toys are so much more environmentally-friendly—no off-gassing, no bacteria and less breakage means less waste…and did we mention they are much easier on the eye? From the wonderful wooden cars and trucks by Fagus (made without nails, screws and staples), to the wool felt sets for the kitchen, it all feels so natural.

Sustainable Style
Laura Jennekens, mom of two, launched the oh-so-eco-chic Echoes in the Attic, inspired by her fight with cancer to be a good steward of the earth’s resources. Their lines of one-of-a-kind and very beautiful purses, bags, home accessories (we especially love the pillow covers made from high-end designer sample fabric remnants) and jewelry are all made from recycled, vintage, retro, hemp and remnant materials.

Face Up to It
When it comes to our largest organ (you know, your skin), we’re developing a bit of a dependency on Lilou Organics, Canada’s most diverse selection of quality organic personal care products, the creation of Lisa Schmidt, savvy mom to 2 girls (2 years and 5 months). Inspired after the birth of her first daughter to find organic skin care products free of chemicals and carcinogens, she created a one stop shop for quality organic products with varying price points when she found there was nothing like that available to her.

We’re loving Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Crème, the Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo and Wash and the Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel. There’s something for everyone in the family, and with their lightning fast shipping, great packaging and commitment to customer satisfaction, shopping at beats your local department store or health food store hands down when it comes to your beauty treatment choices.

Online shopping and a greener kind of life that’s better for our planet and our families—now that’s a convenient truth.

P.S. Have you opened up your Big Green Purse yet? This women-focused movement is based on the premise that since women control 85% of every dollar spent in the marketplace, shifting their spending to environmentally-safe, socially responsible products and services is the fastest, easiest, most direct route to a clean and healthy environment for ourselves and our kids. They say that if a MILLION women shift at least $1,000 of money they already spend to green products and services, that’s a $1 billion impact that can’t be ignored.

The Big Green Purse offers a one-stop resource for green shopping and lifestyle tips, so if you’re on a green hunt, it can really save you time and help you shop for the world you want.

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