The Miracle of Flowers


This time of year it’s tough to heed the advice of experts who tell us to “stop and smell the roses”. Fresh flowers are hardly in abundance around these parts—or are they? Just because flowers aren’t in the ground does’t mean they can’t be in a vase on your desk or countertop.
We all know that flowers are beautiful to behold, but a recent study reveals that they deliver mental health benefits as well. So having a variety of fresh grown Ontario flowers at hand really is an effective way to brighten your day.

Researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts General Hospital found that people who had flowers in their homes felt less worried, anxious and depressed.

“A small bouquet of flowers perked people up during their morning routines,” says Nancy Etcoff, the study’s lead researcher. “We found one of the best places for flowers is in the kitchen where people frequent throughout the day, but particularly in the morning.”

The study also found that people exposed to flowers :

  • felt more compassionate towards others throughout the day
  • felt a calming energy at home or work
  • felt more energized and compassionate in the workplace too

And Ontario flowers offer so much selection at affordable prices. It’s tough to resist such simple beauty. There are over 50 varieties of cut flowers and 150 varieties of potted plants as close as your favourite flower vendor. And because the flowers are grown right here in Ontario, freshness is guaranteed. So the next time you buy flowers ask for Ontario flowers.

Need a smile? Pick fresh. Pick variety. Pick Ontario.


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