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To carb or not to carb? That is one question. Dairy or no dairy? Organic or not? Meat or no meat?
It seems the real question is what to eat.

Without a PhD in food sciences, we have determined that one notion make sense—eat local when you can. Oh, to live in a place where fresh local produce was available to us all year long. Well, wake up, Dorothy, we live in Canada and now is our chance to enjoy the fruits of the season while we can.

It’s time to hit one of our local markets, support our farmers and eat fresh.

We consulted our resident foodie, Trish Magwood of Dish Cooking Studio who supports local farmers and suppliers whenever she can. That’s why this is Trish’s favourite season for cooking and entertaining. But it’s not just the caterers and chefs who can get the good stuff. From now until the end of October, we can all avail of local fare that comes out of Ontario soil instead of a plastic bag at local farmers’ markets.

Trish leaves work early every Tuesday afternoon in the spring to get to the Riverdale Farm Farmers’ Market on from 3 pm to 7pm. The kids love the park and the yummy surprise dinner served from the grill each week. Now that’s savvy—get an early evening from work and some fun park time with the kids AND stock up on groceries while they enjoy a yummy dinner. (We’re counting four birds with one stone here.) The Riverdale Farmers’ Market was founded in 2001 and is appreciated for its friendly atmosphere and beautiful venue.

If Tuesday nights don’t work for you, many of the same vendors are at Dufferin Grove Park on Thursdays between 3 pm to 7 pm. This market is actually open all year long but they move it outside in the spring and summer. Look for some of your favourite suppliers like Berretta Meats and Kensington organic ice cream in a casual community atmosphere where you will also find fresh baked breads and organic pizzas cooked in the hot brick oven. (Can you smell the yum?)

This Saturday, May 26 marks the opening of the new Brickworks Farmers’ Market. Every Saturday from now until October, the Brickworks will be hosting a farmers market with all of the expected delights. The market strives to be organic and items must be clearly marked so you will always know what you are buying. Everything is local. Savvymoms are excited about the children’s entertainment—singers, puppets and all kinds of fun. And for the adults? A surprise visit from Jamie Kennedy who will be on site selling his famous french fries (but only this weekend so don’t get too attached).

If you can’t make it this weekend, be sure to visit the Brickworks later in the season as there is a special event or attraction planned every week.

You might still love the St Lawrence Market (and we don’t blame you), or maybe you don’t live in Toronto and need to find a market near you. Whatever the case, Trish has some final words for you before you leave with your basket:

  • Always talk to the farmer/vendor and trust their advice—they know what is best, what is the freshest and how to prepare it
  • For all markets, get there as early as possible for the fresh pickings
  • Bring cash

So no more rumblings about what not to eat—you’ll find all the meats or treats you need to keep your family healthy and happy at the market.

Riverdale Farm Farmers’ Market
201 Winchester Street

Dufferin Grove Park Farmers’ Market
875 Dufferin Street (just south of Bloor)

Brickworks Farmers’ Market
Directions on how to get to the Brickworks
550 Bayview Ave.

To find a farmers’ market near you:


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