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Admit it. Even those of us who hate jogging felt a little left out when 54,000 Sun Runners took to the streets of Vancouver under gorgeous sunny skies. They looked so happy. So healthy. Is there any hope for the rest of us? After all, we are moms now. We have to stay healthy for our kids, right?
Absolutely. A variety of great charity runs are still ahead for those of us who want to start small. Our favourite cause to support is the 5-km ChildRun supporting the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation, coming up on Sunday, June 3rd. Everyone in this race is a winner; all the funds raised go to the care and treatment of children with cancer (and we’re proud to be one of the media sponsors this year).

With all the routes and resources that Vancouver has to offer, this city can’t be beat for novice joggers. Here’s our primer to get you going:

First Things First
You’re not going to run far if you’re in danger of knocking yourself out with your heaving bosom. A great sports bra is a must. Our tried-and-tested pick is the Enell bra, which is available online, or at Ladysports or Rackets and Runners in Vancouver. Your girls won’t budge an inch in this baby, so if you’ve found jogging uncomfortable before, this may be the answer. Another highly recommended bra (which doesn’t compress your chest quite so heavily) is the Anita Active Sport Bra offered up by the experts at Diane’s Lingerie.

Baby Steps
Having an infant or baby is no excuse. Sorry mom. Check out Stroller Strides for classes that get you out and moving with other moms and tots from your area. Brisk walks are combined with exercises that incorporate resistance tubing and your stroller, so it’s a whole-body workout.

Pick Up the Pace
If you’re ready to leave the offspring at home and embark on a walk/run program, consider taking a Learn to Run clinic at one of the Running Room’s Greater Vancouver locations. Here’s some advice from West Broadway store employee and runner Lori Paton:

  • Don’t go too fast or too far, too soon
  • Sign up for a learn-to-run or women’s only clinic for a gentle introduction to the sport (they’re free)
  • Make sure you have the right shoes (expect to pay in the $120-200 range)
  • Hit the road a consistent three times per week

Lori says that any of the local seawalls make easy and inspiring runs for beginners, and she also recommends the Pacific Spirit or Stanley Park trails. All Running Room locations also offer a free drop-in, guided run that leaves the stores on Wednesdays at 6 pm and Sundays at 8:30 am.

Hang Out
Hit the savvy sports scene at the new Nike Runner’s Lounge in Coal Harbour. Get local route maps, expert advice, leave your bag in a locker while you’re running, and—get this—even test-drive Nike shoes and clothes for free. Post-run you can enjoy a smoothie or a massage or a weekend waffle. Now who said running wasn’t fun?

So be that healthy, happy mom you want to be. Get out now and you’ll be in great shape for the season (and for your kids).

Diane’s Lingerie
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Rackets and Runners
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Running Room Locations

Nike Runner’s Lounge
(778) 786-7463
510 Nicola (Coal Harbour)


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