Toronto: The Savvy Guide to March


Don’t get too ahead of yourself just because the shops are filled with summer clothes. It’s almost March and you have a few more solid weeks of winter to slog through before the tulips pop up.
Here’s the monthly guide for March. Look forward to March Break, St. Paddy’s Day and the opportunity to enjoy the last of what winter has to offer (not to mention the fact that spring is around the corner)!

Start thinking about summer camps, spring soccer registration and summer vacation plans.
Why? Because now is the time—and you don’t want to drive an extra half an hour away for games because you missed the deadline for the local league. (We’ve been that parent and it is a drag.) Remember to sign them up with a friend—it helps with the carpooling and they have way more fun.

See Annie at the Hummingbird Centre.
Why? Tickets are still on sale and if you’re like us, you know all the words to all the songs. Kids love Daddy Warbucks. (Who doesn’t?)

Let’s Be a Tourist—whether you are planning to stay in town or you are travelling this month. Get the kids involved in deciding where you are going to go, get out the map, search the web together and make a plan.
Why? Let them think they get to choose once in a while (but just once in a while)!

A Water Heater Blanket (we tried this one and we’re feeling very savvy.)
Why? Your bills have skyrocketed this month, haven’t they? This will keep them down, trust us.

Sick Kids and the Wahl Family Fund (which provides financial support to families at the hospital) by purchasing some fun and fab personalized stationary from Jonesy.
Why? It’s always nice to justify a purchase when donations are going to SickKids. And you ran out of stationery sending all your holiday thank you cards, right?

So bring it on, March. We made it through February (and childbirth, don’t forget). We can handle one more month of Old Man Winter.

P.S. Just to be clear, when you go to the Bunch Family Salon this weekend, SavvyMoms are entitled to $5.00 off the admission price per family. Just say ‘savvy’ at the door.


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