Two Minute Sweetness


Moms (and kids) on the go want things fast and they want things their way. Spoiled for choice, you might say, but believe us, moms know what they want (read: venti non-fat latte with one shot decaf, one shot regular, one raw sugar, extra hot, no foam).
So hold onto your stroller, because there is a new custom-made sheriff in town for you and your kids. The Sweet Flour Bake Shop is the first ever bake shop of its kind and it’s right here in Toronto.

Sweet Flour introduces two revolutionary concepts in cookie making. Firstly, you make your own cookie and secondly, they bake it in two minutes. Start by choosing from a selection of gourmet dough, then select one of 20 mix-ins and then wait two minutes…Ding! Your freshly baked custom ordered cookie is ready. Just for you.


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