Tough to Say No


We consider ourselves blessed. So do you probably. But you also know that sometimes life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned. Fortunately we live in a day and age where the miracles of modern day science can help.
One of those miracles is brought to you by Insception Cord Blood Program. Simply put, Insception Cord Blood Program saves lives.

Here’s how it works:

Step One: You begin by deciding that banking your baby’s cord blood is something worth considering for the future health and well-being of your family. You ask questions and investigate the pros and cons.

Step Two: You choose to invest in a cord blood program. It’s the kind of insurance you want for your child. You don’t want to take chances with your baby’s health—especially when you have options.

Step Three: You enroll in the Insception Cord Blood Program. You can then tell your doctor or midwife that you are going to store your baby’s cord blood.

It’s that simple.

After you have enrolled with Insception, you will be sent a package with detailed instructions along with your collection kit. Take your kit with you to the hospital when you are ready to deliver, everything that your doctor will need to collect is in the kit. Your physician will then draw the cord blood after the birth from your baby’s umbilical cord. The process is clean and painless for you and your new baby and only takes a few minutes. Once the blood is collected, it is couriered to Insception where it is processed and the stem cells are frozen (cryopreserved to be specific, but we won’t get too technical on you) and safely stored.

So why would you need to store your baby’s cord blood?

Because cord blood contains stem cells which are instrumental in treating over 75 different diseases and illnesses today including many forms of cancer—like Jesse’s.

This blood can help your child or any other member of your family should the need arise; even more interesting is the future medical applications of stem cells which appear to be limitless.

It’s tough to find a reason why you would say no to the opportunity to save a life.

P.S. We know this is an important decision. If you have more questions we encourage you to contact 1.866.606.2790 or

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