Travelin’ Man


Last night was exciting. Baxter has been walking with assistance for quite a while. We’€™re not the type of parents to thrust the next development phase on the boy. Right or wrong, we figure he’€™ll get there when he get’€™s there. But frankly, I think he’€™s toying with us at this stage.
So as we sat facing each other, I pointed BB towards Mom, just like on the diaper commercials (we learn all our parenting skills from diaper commercials), and off he went. First attempt was a total success. The next two or three saw more confidence, longer ‘€˜strides’€™ and a shared enthusiasm. There was applause and a hint of proud tears. Then the wheels fell off the cart and we were back to basics. It was fun while it lasted. ‘€˜Baby steps’€™ as they say.

While on the subject of mobility, Amy and I invested in a bike trailer. It fits two kids, has a ton of storage and was a snap to assemble. It is massive’€”I think Amy was considering it for our next property move’€”but light as a feather and Canadian-made (an honest referral and hats off to the folks at Wike). That said, the inaugural flight was not fully witnessed by Baxter as his face was mostly covered by a cheap, ill-suited helmet, and I fear I missed one of the several seat snaps, leaving him less vertical, shall we say.

It was a smooth ride along the Lakeshore bike path to Amy’€™s studio in the Distillery District where all connections and harnesses were inspected (improved) and given the mommy seal-of-approval. The ride home was actually enjoyed by my passenger. The sun was shinning, the air was warm and the view was good (anything’€™s better than the inside of a helmet). The most fun about the bike trailer, besides the room for toys, blankies and friends, is that you’€™re always sitting on the axel, so bumps are a blast! Or at least they will be. For now, I’€™m slowing for bumps, seeing as there’€™s little trust after the first trip.

Baby steps.


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