Travelling Along


Airplane taking offWe recently undertook a survey on travel habits, in conjunction with TravelGuard, a leading travel insurance plan provider, and we uncovered some surprising things about the travel plans of Canadian families this summer. Despite the doom and gloom of the recession, we were glad to find out that 82% of you say you are planning to take a trip this summer with your family:

  • only 4% of you reported that you are cancelling your trips due to the state of the economy
  • more than 40% of you indicated that you are travelling just like you always do
  • 3% of you are planning to travel even more than usual given the great discounts available on travel this year

We’re big fans of family travel—both Minnow and I have been travelling with our kids since they were babies since our families didn’t live in Toronto at the time. Now we love the chance that travel allows for us to spend time with our kids and reconnect—and it seems you do too. Your top two preferred destinations were all about family—a family cruise or a resort with a good family program. Only 17% of you chose getting away with your best friend on a spa or shopping trip as your preferred destination (but maybe that’s the mommy guilt talking!).

You shared some great travel tips with us too. Some of our favourites include:

  • Don’t overplan. Sometimes some of the best activities are those you happen to come across by chance.
  • Always pack peanut butter
  • Breathe, just breathe—it always works out in the end
  • Make sure you have a full package of wipes in the glove compartment
  • (And my personal fave…) just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean you are on vacation from parenting!

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