Two of a Kind


Day two with shoes.
Day one was a journey to the computer store. It was lucky that he wore them, as one shoe turned out to be the perfect distraction to stave off the pre-nap crazies. Baxter battles with these mini converses though. He curls his toes into that familiar foot-stop position, making insertion futile. He may or may not try to work them off (see my shortest movie ever below). And he’€™s not always able to get that right foot catching up with the left. Nevertheless, he can still walk about and discover the whole store (supported of course).

Day two was the One Of A Kind Show’€”in the evening. Risky I know. But the aisles are like landing strips. Baxter can walk for an eternity, unencumbered, but still supported by yours truly. Oh my aching back. I wish I were my mother-in-law’s height’€”when she walks him around it looks like they’€™re slow dancing.

I bought a hat and Baxter met Katya again. Last they met they were mingling at The AGO (Kid Zone, in case you pictured martinis and dinner jackets).

Katya is perhaps the most beautiful little person. With big eyes that told me she’s on to my shenanigans and lashes that blew my hair back, she’€™s always sporting a big smile. She was coy with BB so he laid on the charm. In Baxter’s defense, the age difference is enormous with her being 12 weeks his senior. His pawing and stumbling was not of interest to an unsupported walker such as she. It’s worth noting Katya’s footwear resembled the traditional Inuit summer boot’€”but pink.


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