Gifts with Heart

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Nothing warms the heart like a handmade gift from a child. But if organizing crafts hasn’€™t made your holiday to-do list yet, there are some great places to get you started. (And as a bonus, they can help plan your next birthday party, too.)
A trip to Granville Island is always fun during the holidays, and now that Make has opened, it’€™s a must-do this season. In addition to being a funky store, specializing in fun, hard-to-find accessories, Make is a great place to personalize a gift (think leather, glass or wood) and a wonderful place for kids to make a gift for someone special on their list.

The owners of Make have created a large art studio in the centre of the store for button, T-shirt and pillow making. They invested in high quality, direct-to-garment, chemical-free, digital printing which allows kids to design their art on paper and then watch it get transferred to a shirt or pillow (a mere 10-minute process). For inspiration, Make has a selection of characters designed by a local Vancouver artist, to trace or colour. For $20, your child is happily entertained and the gift is taken care of too.
Good to Know: Make also hosts birthday parties for eight or more children.

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