Keep Calm and Yoga On


With the 24/7 nature of our jobs and the constant doling out of fishy crackers and apple slices, sometimes it’s hard to hear ourselves think, let alone achieve that coveted state of ‘balance’—mythical as it may sound. That’s why we’re suggesting relief in the form of an affordable yoga retreat that you don’t even need to leave town for.

An hour of yoga can be restorative and rejuvenating, but five consecutive days of yoga might just be the reset you need to feel good again.

Join Semperviva March 30 to April 3rd for its Feed Your Self workshop with Suzanne Mueller in the City Studio location from 6–7:30 am. Yes, it’s early, but mornings are the best time to make changes in your life, and you’ll be home in time for the breakfast shift. Besides, getting your exercise in first thing will leave you feeling like a goddess for the rest of the day.

Or refine your yoga practice by learning about Taoist principles with Nico Luce at YYoga’s Master of Movement, Disciple of Stillness workshop, April 13 to 17 from 7:15–9 am at their Northshore Elements location.

And if a week seems impossible, how about an intensive afternoon or evening?

Connect with your authentic self April 5 at Semperviva’s Radical Self Awareness workshop from 1–3:30 pm. Or flow to the beat of your own drum at YYoga’s Buffalo Dance Workshop, April 19 at the Park Royal location.

No one needs a moment to themselves more than moms like us, so roll out your mat and listen to what you have to say for yourself.

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