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Revolutionary Playdates

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Kids can play the day away at these pop up playdates. Find out more.

We know kids need unstructured play and yet we sign them up and drive them around…and around.  

Imagine a world where a new play place popped up in different neighbourhoods close to you. Imagine a place that invited kids to come and play (old-school), where they can grow, socialize, develop, learn and explore. Note: this place requires no lineups or wait times to register for activities. No structured play is allowed.

Now stop imagining, because it’s a reality in Vancouver—thanks to one of our favourite mompreneur companies, Peekaboo Beans. Owner Traci Costa launched Pop Up Playdates this year and you can find one near you. We love their very simple mission: let them play.

Pop Up Playdates are part of Peekaboo Beans’ bigger Play Revolution, which aims to drive the message home that free play is sadly lacking, yet vital. And there’s a play-it-forward piece here too: the Play Revolution has launched a fundraising initiative in support of Playground Builders, a Canadian charity that builds playgrounds in war-torn areas around the globe.

Don’t let your kids suffer from what experts call the ‘Play Deficit.’ That’s just no fun.

When and Where: 10 am–12 pm

  • Friday, August 23 at Chimney Hill Park, Surrey
  • Saturday, August 24 at Centennial Beach, Tsawwassen
  • Locations for Saturday mornings in September will be posted on their site soon

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