Sweet Dreams


‘I can’t sleep.’

We can make our kids eat broccoli (sometimes, and okay, especially when it’s pureed), but we can’t make the Sandman deliver them to dreamland for ten hours. Magic spell, anyone?

Meditation has become popular, and along with it, useful mantras that help calm and quiet the mind. Rooted in Sanskrit, mantras are energy-based sounds that can replace negative feelings with positive ones. So instead of repeating the words, ‘Please go to sleep,’ over and over (been there!), put mantras in your sleep toolbox for those restless nights.

Mantra Mom has a CD that teaches fun and simple mantras to children. Parents who want to get beyond the ‘om’ that begins most yoga classes will find it helpful, too. We love both the Bollywood influence in both her music and voice.

Teach your children how to breathe in love and breathe out sadness by reading Baby Buddhas, a guide to teaching meditation to preschool-aged children that has a lot to teach us grown-ups, too.

Bedtime rituals can become marathon sessions of frustration, so when you’re short on fairy dust, try a few mantras on for size and calm everyone down after a long day.

Kids still bright eyed and bushy tailed? Good thing we’ve got 14 more Things to Help Your Kids Sleep Through the Night.


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