Cool Deals


Canada can be a great place in the winter with so much to do outside—unfortunately, winter sports gear doesn’t grow on (frosty) trees.
Being savvy to stores with good gear for less definitely helps. Start with the no-stress buy-back plan for ski and snowboard equipment.

How does it work? You buy a brand-new set of gear (skis and boots are usually the focus) for about $200 to $300. Then when Jack and Jill outgrow it all, you simply march right back to the store and return everything. And here’s the beautiful part—they give you half the money back to put towards the next size up!

North Shore Ski and Board gives customers two years to ‘buy back’ (keep that receipt). Sportmart and SportChek have a one-year time limit, but they sweeten the deal by letting you spend your money on anything in the store.

Cyclone Taylor Sports runs a similar program for hockey skates. You buy a new pair, use them until the next growth spurt and then bring them back. They’ll sell them again and you get 60% of the original purchase price to spend the next time you shop in the store.


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