Local Love


It’s been said that love begins at home and, in the case of Valentine’s Day in Vancouver, it couldn’t be more true. We’ve found some West Coast wares for your little cherubs to keep the love close to home.

What child doesn’t have a sweet tooth? On Valentine’s Day, spoil your cherished one with an adorable package of Kiss Me truffle frogs from Hagensborg Chocolates, a boutique chocolate company in downtown Vancouver. Shelley Miller, Hagensborg owner and mom to two chocolate eaters, believes in the magic of chocolate and fairy tales. Her deliciously rich milk chocolate frogs, each bearing a silly grin, surround the dark chocolate Prince Charming, who is wrapped in stand-out green…’if life were only so simple’. Kiss Me frogs offer guilt-free pleasure: they are all natural, trans-fat free and made from fair trade cocoa. Choose the size of your fairy tale ending: either a three-piece ‘they’re-all-yours’ pack or a decadent nine-piece ‘share-the-love’ pack.


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