Old-Fashioned Fright


Want a taste (literally) of the good old days? Then trick-or-treat on the sweet streets of Burnaby Village Museum, our Savvy pick for young families looking for Halloween fun.
How fun? Lots of fun—with a few chills thrown in. The heritage village is staging “The Great Candy Train Robbery”, and everyone is invited to take part in solving the mystery of who hijacked the trainload of sweets. Along the way, children will be peering in windows, knocking on doors, collecting clues as well as candy, and interacting with the costumed creatures of Goblin’s Village. They’ll also encounter stilt walkers and other street performers from the Public Dreams Society.

The event will be a treat for moms and dads, and we’re not tricking you. If you’re juggling babies and big kids (all in the dark!), you can relax a little, knowing you’re in a safe, traffic-free place where a wandering youngster isn’t likely to come to harm. You’ll also love the fact that you can duck out of the cold if you need to, whether it’s to have a hot chocolate at the ice cream parlour, take in some family-friendly ‘fright flicks’ at the little movie theatre, or create a Halloween craft with your artsy offspring.


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