Pool Party Paradise


Remember those summer-lovin’ days when you could just lie back on the beach with your eyes closed and dream the world away?
Nope. Didn’t think so. Now that we’re parents, it feels like there’s no closing your eyes for more than a second when we’re on a family outing. Whether it’s worrying about kids slipping into the water, getting lost in the crowd, or running into traffic, hyper-vigilance is the (very un-relaxing) name of the game.

So we thought we’d ferret out a warm-weather destination that doesn’t leave Mom needing a holiday by the time the day is over. Our July savvy pick is Second Beach in Stanley Park, a gem that blends into the landscape so well it’s easy to miss if you’re just doing a drive-by.

We love Second Beach for a bunch of reasons—first off, we just can’t get over the luxury of having a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool that boasts such incredible views over Burrard Inlet. And we actually get to enjoy those vistas because of the pool’s family-friendly features that make it a little easier for us moms to relax.


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