Rags to Riches


C’mon…everyone’s doin’ it. You know, neighbourhood swap parties.
No, we’re not talking about naughty 1970s “leave your keys at the front door kind of parties”. We’re talking “trade your clothing cast-offs with other folks”—a trend that’s suddenly gone mainstream.

Put it down to the internet, recycling or just having too much stuff. These days, it’s not just your sister’s kid who wants your son’s old jean jacket. Now the whole world can bid on it, thanks to eBay and Craigslist.

Then came the rebirth of the eco-movement, and all of a sudden it’s not just savvy to save on clothing, it’s socially responsible to recycle your threads. Hence, ‘swap parties’, at which friends get together to socialize, snack (of course), and sample the wares from each other’s cleaned-out closets—and we have some great alternative ways to get you started if online auctions are a bit too technologically challenging.


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