Join the Club


We may not be living in caves anymore but sometimes it feels like we are back in the days of hunting and gathering—navigating our way through the urban jungle in our minivans, hunting for deals and gathering food and comforts for our families. But where’s that one place were we can stock up and load everything in the van to take home?
We found the place…SAM’S CLUB.

First, join the club for $45 (or $40 if you have a small business). Then walk in and look around. You’ll find jewelry, electronics (we’re talking flat screens) and wireless handheld devices (with the friendly assistance you need). Then stroll down the main aisle where the merchandise is always changing, but you can count on seasonal items for the home and garden. Right now it’s back to school season with everything you need—backpacks, pencil cases and note books. T-shirts, yoga gear and casual clothes for kids and adults as well—you’ll be amazed at what you can find.


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