Spit and (Pet) Polish


If the family car is your home-on-wheels, it’s probably due for its spring clean. Preschool notices under the seat, sticky pennies in the cup holders, food wrappers and a few old pieces of last week’s lunch are littering the floor. Don’t beat yourself up, just go to Easywash.

Easywash is the most eco-friendly DIY car wash in the world. And it is right here in your city, at the base of the Second Narrows Bridge in North Van.

For our family testing, we put one of our lads in charge of gathering up the assorted car-floor garbage (handy on-site recycling bins means any drink bottles don’t end up in the waste stream), and our more mechanically-minded son went wild with the high-powered vacuum (which also has a shampoo and spot remover setting). Three dollars buys you four minutes of suck time—enough for a basic clean-up, but not quite adequate for this (very messy!) eight-seater.

Then we drove through the touch-free car wash. You can choose from a range of options, from the $10 ‘simple’ wash to the $20 ‘guardian’ wash, which includes bells and whistles such as a 48-hour cleanliness guarantee and two $1 tokens for the vacuum.

You can even get Fido freshened up at Easywash’s innovative dog-washing machine. Designed by a team that includes veterinarians, the ‘cabin’, as it has been dubbed, thoroughly washes your pet in such a way that they don’t have to be held down or unduly restrained. Standard treatment is a four-minute wash, 30-second rinse and a 20-minute drying cycle for $20. You can also opt for flea-and-tick service or even a de-skunking cycle that will guarantee stink-removal for $40.

For those people who want to be clean and green, Easywash is a much better option than a home-grown hose-down. Powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell, this company draws on its own well water and gathered rain water, which is later captured and recycled or directed to the city sewer for treatment.

Stuck for a Father’s Day gift idea? Consider washing his wheels and pampering his pooch. He’ll love the extra couch time it buys him—especially if you put the kids to bed early and join him.

(604) 990-WASH
1501 Main St.
North Vancouver
South East Corner of
Main St. & Mountain Hwy.


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