Vancouver: The Savvy Guide to March


It’s still cold outside but we know there are flowers underneath just dying to burst out into the sun. Suddenly we find ourselves relating to plant bulbs.
But it’s March Breakdown month and we’re here to help you make the most of it since we know you will be spending a lot of mandatory family fun time with your kids.

Go for a short road trip during the break—even if it’s just for a day.
Why? So your kids will say they went somewhere for March Break! Believe it or not, being in the car is a great time to chat, play games and spend time with the kids.

To all your favourite attractions before the Ides of March.
Why? Because Spring Break is during the last two weeks of the month and the usual family-friendly places will turn into family-frenzied places. Make a date with your preschoolers to beat the rush!

Tourist in your own city.
Why? We’re pretty sure you have not taken your kids (or yourself) on a tour bus around town. (Bring binoculars, maps and note pads.)


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