Vancouver: The Savvy Guide to November


Approach November with a positive, can-do attitude this year. It’s not about ‘getting through the month’. It’s about maximizing the time you have with your kids and your family…even if it is cold and wet and drizzly outside (and you have that long pre-holiday list to attack). Here’s how:
Make your holiday prep list now—and get started on it.
Why? Because that list includes more than just the gift list—it’s got decorations, event planning, holiday baking, outfit planning and perhaps even travel plans as well.

To the 37th Annual Circle Craft Christmas Market from November 17 to 21 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.
Why? To get a jump start on some amazing, one-of-a-kind fabulous family gifts this season (see DO, above).

Some Vitamin D for everyone in the family.
Why? Because studies show that our Vitamin D levels go down during the winter months when we need it the most to help us fight the flu, among other medical benefits.

Soccer Baseball with the leaves.
Why? It’s an easy game for all ages and it encourages lots of running (and cheering). All you need is a few piles of leaves for the bases and a ball. The pitcher rolls the ball to the man up ‘at bat’ who kicks it and runs around the bases (first, second, third, then home). If the runner gets tagged by someone who catches the ball, he is out.

Why? Because it’s a new news site for your kids. It’s educational, interesting and entertaining and lets you enjoy the fun of reading the morning news together with your children.


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