Vancouver: The Savvy Guide to March


It might be raining but the rest of the country is still blanketed in snow and spring is just around the corner! Aren’t you glad you live in the ‘groove?
Here are some more ways to embrace March.

Start thinking about summer camps, spring soccer registration and summer vacation plans.
Why? Because now is the time—and you don’t want to drive an extra half an hour away for games because you missed the deadline for the local league. (We’ve been that parent and it is a drag.) Remember to sign them up with a friend—it helps with the carpooling and they have way more fun.

Make Vancouver even greener by signing on with, a website that will send you weekly environmental action tips for 10 weeks.
Why? So your kids can grow up practicing those small habits that make a big difference. Non-preachy and informative, this is the site for the local low-down on doing your part.

Let’s Be a Tourist—whether you are planning to stay in town or you are travelling this month. Get the kids involved in deciding where you are going to go, get out the map, search the web together and make a plan.
Why? Let them think they get to choose once in a while (but just once in a while)!

A Water Heater Blanket (we tried this one and we’re feeling very savvy.)
Why? Your bills have skyrocketed this month, haven’t they? This will keep them down, trust us.

Remember, showers bring flowers.


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