Wheel Appeal


It’s not just your spirits that could use a boost by winter’s end. How about a pick-me-up for that which always picks you up: the trusty family vehicle?
Do you find yourself reflexively muttering ‘sorry’ every time you pick up a friend, and swiping ineffectually at discarded juice boxes and toast crumbs on the passenger seat? Then listen up: after months’ worth of muddy boots, damp preschool art projects, wet dogs and backseat fries (even better, ketchup), your car needs your attention.

We’ve been on the alert for places that will spring clean your vehicle, inside and out, and we’ve found one great spot that’s particularly deserving of a visit—especially if you’re a mom with small kids.

Britewash is a family-owned and operated business on Hastings Street in Burnaby that provides a service to you and entertainment for your kids all in one fell swoop (okay, admit it, even we grown-ups still get kind of excited by that whole going through the carwash thing).

At Britewash, your car is parked at an outside bay while a team of cleaners descend upon it and pre-soak the exterior, tackle wheelwells, vacuum, beat the floor mats and more, depending on which package you’ve chosen (from the $24.95 ‘Express’ to the $36.95 ‘Luxury’). After that, you watch as it travels through the multi-windowed car wash tunnel and gets buffeted, foamed, waxed, sprayed and rinsed by the touchless technology. A quick hand-dry and it’s good as new—or at least a heck of a lot better than when you brought it in.


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