It’s a Wrap!


We’re amazed at the amount of talented moms living in Victoria, the ones who take creative ideas and turn them into successful business ventures all while managing sleep deprivation, play dates and sippy cups.
Jenn Playford is one such mom. A freelance illustrator for 10 years pre-kids, it was her passion for Japanese textiles, art and design that led her to discover furoshike, the 17th century Japanese art of using fabric to wrap and carry items. So she created Furochic, because wrapping with fabric can be simple, quick and versatile. There is no tape or scissors required. You simply tie knots so the fabric wraps become part of the gift. Furochic designs can be reused to wrap another gift or kept and treasured, especially if they are one of the designs Jenn sells on her website (art objects themselves).

But there is nothing stopping you from using scrap fabric and material from your craft cupboard to wrap a gift. Furochic has easy-to-follow videos on how to wrap items and it can be a fun activity to do with your kids. We love that this is a beautiful and creative way to wrap presents this holiday season while cutting back on the waste that Santa leaves behind.


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