Watermelon Agua Fresca


One of the most refreshing ways to enjoy your favourite summer fruit is in an agua fresca. A simple beverage made with pureed fruit, water, lime juice and a touch of sweetener, this Latin-inspired drink is perfect for summer sipping.
Made with not too much fruit, and not too much sugar, this flavoured water is a great non-alcoholic drink to serve at a your next barbecue, or to bottle up when packing for a picnic. To make, you need nothing more than a blender or food processor, and a pitcher to store your mixture once it’s assembled.

While you can make agua fresca with any juicy fruit (berries are a brilliant addition to this drink), I often create a watermelon version because I find the big melons are often challenging to store. This recipe uses about half a medium sized watermelon, and the remainder can easily be stored in the refrigerator for quick slicing (I’m not a fan of warm watermelon so I always want mine tucked away and chilled).

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What are you favourite drinks for the warm-weather months?

Click here for the full printable recipe for Watermelon Agua Fresca

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